“N’oubliez jamais” Pedagogical kit

Lucie Dickens, Vice-President of the AFTV (second on the left) in company of His Excellency Pierre-André IMBERT, Ambassador of France, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, Honorary Consul of France in Melbourne, Esther Wise (centre) and French Honours student Nyah Seelig-Schattner from the University of Melbourne on the occasion of the launch in Melbourne.

The pedagogical kit “N’oubliez jamais” is based on the life of Esther Wise who was a 15-year-old Jewish girl during World War Two in France and survived the Holocaust. After the war, Esther migrated to Melbourne (Australia) on her own, where she still lives today at age 99. The kit is based on a 20-minute documentary on the life of Esther Wise.
Congratulations to Lucie Dickens (AFTV Vice-President) and her team for producing pedagogical material of such a high calibre.